Have you changed hands?

Yes we have. The practice is now owned by Dr David Woolf and we are now known as Medi-Optics Opticians (North Cardiff) incorporating J A O'Connor Davies Opticians. John O'Connor Davies is still practicing alongside David Woolf and our other very friendly qualified optometrists. Very little has changed with the running of the practice and you will still see some familiar faces as well as some new ones!


Who are your optometrists?

Dr David A Woolf BSc, PhD, CPhys, MCOptom, FInstP, Prof Cert Glauc.

Special interests Glaucoma, Post-Operative Refractive Problems

Mr John A O'Connor Davies BSc, FCOptom, Dip CL.

Special interests Contact Lenses, Keratoconus, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (dry eye)

Mrs Kate I Evans BSc, MCOptom, FBDO

Special interests Contact Lenses, Keratoconus, Paediatric Optometry

Mrs Jodi R Blake BSc

Special interests Refractive Correction via Laser/Surgical Methods, Post Operative Care for Corneal Procedures, The Cornea, Paediatric Optometry


What do you offer?

Eye tests, glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses as well as specialist eyewear such as prescription swimming and skiing goggles. We offer direct debit packages which include eye tests, contact lens fittings and reduced prices for contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses as well as regular posting of the lenses to your address. 

We are accredited for the Welsh Eye Health Initiative which enables us to see patients with acute eye problems rather than them needing to go to their GP. We can also offer glaucoma screening and cataract assessments under this scheme.

In your eye test, we offer optional retinal photography which keeps a permanent record of your eye and helps the optician in identifying the early signs of any serious issues. A field screener detects problems with peripheral vision and corneal topography helps detect unusual shape changes of the eye which can help with contact lens fitting.


Why visit our Opticians?

As a family run business, we have built up a strong patient following in the Cardiff region, from our quality of service, technical expertise and personalised approach, getting to know many of our patients well. Dr David Woolf and John O’Connor Davies have over 35 years of optical experience between them and our qualified dispensing opticians and optometrists working here would not be able to if they did not meet our high standards of expertise. Our eye test aims to not only find your precise lens requirement but also to mitigate or prevent any diseases or general health problems that reveal themselves in the eye. Our range of frames and contact lenses is comprehensive, reasonably priced and we only aim to sell what is necessary for you and what we believe is a good fit for your preferences.


Where do your patients travel from?

Many are from Cardiff with a large number from the surrounding local areas of Llanishen, Thornhill, Birchgrove, Rhiwbina, Heath, Cyncoed, Whitchurch and Lisvane. In addition a significant number of our customers are also from outside of Cardiff.


Am I eligible for a free eye tests?

In many circumstances, you are entitled to a free eye test at the opticians with the cost paid for by the NHS. You may also receive free or discounted glasses in some of these circumstances. All of these are documented here on the NHS website. Some examples are:

  • If you or your partner are on income support, jobseekers allowance or income related employment and support allowance
  • If you suffer from glaucoma
  • If you are registered blind or partially sighted
  • If you are under 16 years or under 19 and in full time education
  • If you are over 40 and have a family history of glaucoma
  • If you are over 60 years old

In addition to these, if you are a Welsh resident, you may be entitled to a comprehensive eye examination at the opticians if you have a PEARS form from your GP or are entitled to a WECI examination. Please see here on the NHS website for more details. 


How long will it take to wait to see the optician?

In general we need a few days notice to see the optician for an eye test. However, due to last minute cancellations, if you require one earlier, please call and we will try to fit you in. Of course if you have had a recent eye examination and wish to purchase glasses, contact lenses or any other product without the eye test, then just feel free to pop in at any time.


How often should I visit the optician?

Children should visit the optician for an eye test once per year and adults at least once every two years. You may need to visit more regularly if you have particular problems with your eyes.


What does my prescription mean?

There are three important numbers on your prescription. The first tells you how powerful your eye is, with short-sightedness being represented by a negative number and long-sightedness by a postive number. The second number indicates the level of astigmatism, which is how much more your eye is oval shaped than round. The final number tells you which direction of the astigmatism.

Also there may be an "Add" value that tells the optician the additional power that may be needed to enable the eye to focus for close work. This is usually for patients over the age of 40.


What are your prices?

Our eye test will cost £35 and we believe that this is the most valuable part of your visit to an optician. From this we will determine all that you need in terms of lenses and any additional treatment to keep your eyesight functioning to its very best throughout your life. The prices of our glasses start at £50 and contact lenses from under £1 per day.


What sort of products do you offer for sport?

We sell prescription ski goggles as well as other Adidas eyewear, suitable for cycling, golf, skiing and other sports. Contact lenses can also enable certain sunglasses to be worn for specific sporting activities.


What eye diseases can be detected and treated at the opticians?

There are hundreds of potential eye diseases that can be detected through an eye test and treated. Some examples of these are:

Keratoconus: This is an eye disease in which the cornea becomes thinner and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. This deflects light as it enters the eye on its way to the retina, causing distorted vision.

If eyeglasses or soft contact lenses can not control keratoconus, then rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses are usually the preferred treatment. At O’Connor Davies Opticians we specialise in the use of these lenses.

For further information about Keratoconus click here

Dry Eye Syndrome: This is a chronic lack of sufficient moisture and lubrication on the surface of the eye. Its consequences can vary from constant irritation to inflammation of the front tissues of the eye.

Treatment for dry eyes includes specialist eye drops and/or warm eye masks. These are stocked regularly in the practice.


Blepharitis: This is an inflammation of the eyelid that is sometimes associated with a bacterial eye infection, symptoms of dry eyes or certain types of skin conditions such as acne rosacea. It has two basic forms, one affecting the outside of the eyelid and the other affecting glands within the eyelid.

Lid cleaning pads and lid cleaning shampoos are the most common treatments for blepharitis and these can also be supplied by your optician.

Which part of Cardiff are you situated in and what else is in the area?

We are at the Thornhill Roundabout in Llanishen, at the interchange between Thornhill Road, Ty Glas Road, Beulah Road and Caerphilly Road. In front of the opticians is a privately owned parking area for customers of the practice and surrounding shops. We have in the immediate vicinity; a newsagents, hairdressers, two charity shops, a cafe and a sandwich shop. On the other side of the roundabout, you will find a supermarket, a hardware store and gym. Please see our Find Us page for a map of the surrounding Cardiff area.

We also have a branch on Maryport Road just off Roath Park where our optometrists would be happy to see you if that would be more convenient. Just think of it as the same practice in another location! In the immediate vicinity there is a ladies dress shop, toy shop, newsagents and coffee shop.


What are your opening hours?

Please also see our Find Us page with the map of the local Cardiff area where we are situated.